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Oct 10, 2012 6:00am EDT
united states. this because of a faulty power window switch. degrees not applied evenly, potentially causing friction in the switch, and sometimes smoke or fire could result. more than one dozen models produced between 2005 and 2010. the corolla, matrix, camery, rav4 some of the brands affected. and teens with a bad cases of acne may be turning to an unusual pure. there identified 11 new viruses with the potential to kill the out of control bacteria that leads to breakouts. they live on human skin and may treat leprosy. and after a lower close, the burning season started to get under way. the bloomberg index went out lower. just in time for the holidays, neiman marcus came out with their holiday catalog. what is for just over $1 million. the eighth edition of the catalog features a $354,000 sports car. and $100,000 --conspired by a french chateau. >> i know you are taking notes. >> i will get to the watch. you get me the car. >> deal. >> ok. use a coupon. [laughter] >> the time now is 6:20. buckle up sports fans, the orioles need just two or wins to move on to the championship series
Oct 16, 2012 6:00am EDT
. this storm will stay off the east coast of the united states. it will sweep away from the coast. most of the rain is off the coast line and we will enjoy some sunshine today. a few thin clouds in the western suburbs. mostly sunny going into the afternoon. yesterday we were in the 60's at this time. right now is 47 at the airport. the forecast for today, mostly sunny skies. high temperatures in the mid to upper 60's. sunrise at 7:18. it will be choppy if you take the boat out. next high tide at fort mchenry at 7:22 this morning. another nice day tomorrow with high temperatures in the 70's. we could see some rain late in the day on thursday. a chilly start to the weekend but mostly dry. high-temperature 60 on saturday -- high temperature of 60 on saturday. >> sarah sampson has this live with a picture of two persons of interest. >> that is right. police are hoping the surveillance pictures will help them find the killer or killers. a surveillance photo released by detectives shows two men sprinting down chesterfield avenue just after 10:00 on september 17. according to police, thi
Oct 26, 2012 6:00am EDT
this morning, a growing concern over a hurricane sandy as it makes its way toward the united states. >> already being blamed for 11 deaths. and could affect state as far west as ohio. we have team coverage beginning j beginningay. >> sandy's early warning came as the storm lashed the caribbean. violent winds and rain hitting cuba. and now the storm turned toward the east coast. >> i have been watching for the last few days. i saw this morning is headed this way. >> it should ultimately target of the east coast or early next week. if the current forecast holds, new york could take a direct hit. >> i am hoping the office of emergency management room already and the nyc still storm plan was activated early this morning. >> early signs already showing up along the beaches in florida. thick clouds and a growing certification. >> it is beautiful, absolutely devastatingly beautiful. >> and life guards warn, extremely dangerous. >> every year we have something carroll happened. someone gets out and gets injured or killed because they went out in the ocean when it is like this or worse. >> during the wo
Oct 24, 2012 6:00am EDT
to be the next president of the united states. >> it is an honor to be your president. i am asking to your boat -- for your vote so we can keep moving america forward. >> there is still a couple of weeks left for campaign advertisements. that means it could potentially get ugly. back to you. >> ohio a key battleground states in this contest. the president has been there a lot. how many times has he been to ohio? >> according to the associated press, 17 times. >> while. and foreign state. thank you. >> this election season we're seeing more and foreign adversaries of us. -- wow. thankyou you. >> we have to stop this faulty and silly logic that says we can fund our virtues by expanding. take a baltimore area state delegates joined the clergy delegation. they say the claims are slightly misleading. that brings us to the water cooler question of the day, do you think religious leaders should take an active role on religious -- on political questions? degrees at b.w.i. airport. details of a pay gap among recent college graduates. >> hundred lineup for dna testing. >> an explosive fight
Oct 30, 2012 6:00am EDT
blamed for 16 deaths in the united states. a tree crashed through the home of a man in pasadena. that man was found under debris. he was pronounced dead at the scene. there was a traffic accident in montgomery county. hundreds of thousands are waking up without power this morning. most of the outages are in anne arundel county, where 54,000 customers without power. so for khrushchev restored power to more than 7000 customers -- so for crews have restored power to more than 70,000 customers. >> we began our live team coverage on the eastern shore with ava marie. this time yesterday you were being battered by the wind and rain. >> things are looking much better. we have a lot of electricity or running across the area. no major power outages. correct me if i'm wrong. so four things are going pretty good. a lot of the trees are new. you're not getting those 100- year-old trees that are old. we still have the wind coming in from the south. the wind is starting to come wn.lm do the wind chills are in the 30's. we are bundled up. you should dress warm because it is chilly. we're still getting so
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5